In all the sectors, organizations are constantly realizing the essential need of enterprise functions in achieving business outcomes. Being cost effective, most of the enterprise solutions are considered as key pillars for corporate and support functions. Rextar is fixing the need by providing solutions like:

Public Safety Communications:

All public safety workers can perform their jobs more efficiently and more safely if they have real time access to critical data.

Our solutions are developed to help police officers, fire fighters & emergency medical technicians get access to the high speed data to help them identify the situation and provide prompt solutions.

Sensors & Biometric Devices :

Outdoor cameras, emergency boxes, video walls & displays and hand held devices

Security Devices :

Alert System, Camera, their installation and maintenance. Our objective is to provide convenience to the visitors and residents with more efficient directed parking enforcement, achievable through real time violation notifications sent to patrolling enforcement officers. This would ensure reduced credit card fraud with less resulting lost revenue.

Smart Parking Systems:

As per Navigant Research, smart parking systems have the potential to improve a smart city's parking revenues by 20-30%. Rextar offers the latest generation of these systems at lowest possible cost along with in-street sensors with payment stations, enforcement software and back-end management and smart phone customer access portals.

Smart city solutions:

  1. Layer of communication- Complete network infrastructure that can take the feeds to the centralized location like RF Connectivity, Video Conferencing, Wi FI Solutions, IP Telephony etc.
  2. Data Center Networking & Routing, Power Solutions, Load Balancing and Application Delivery, DR as Cloud Service, Private Cloud, Disaster Recovery and BCP Solutions, Virtualization, Backup Solutions
  3. Analytics, Visual Analytics, Video Analytics etc<