Fiber is an integral part of the next generation enable of all optical IP network. Building fiber optic networks is an intense area and needs effective planning and execution in the project. Our fiber network roll out process provides a complete range of professional services required for lowest TCO of the network. It also enables new revenue generating media services.

Our fiber network rollout is an end-to-end solution involving planning, designing & execution of the implementation phase in a network. It also has the capability to pick the most suitable passive fiber products.

Fiber Rollout

  • OFC Route Planning like Cable Blowing, Cable laying, Jointing, Splicing, In-building installations, Trench less ducting, FTTH installations, Electrical works
  • Optical Transmission Equipment Installation & Commissioning
  • Deployment of FRT team consisting of a splicer, an assistant splicer, and a helper as per the customer requirement

Fiber Maintenance

  • Patrolling is based on preventing cable disruptions and the fiber routes daily on fixed stretch
  • Each and every fiber is tested for the block sections. It’s further reported on monthly basis
  • Corrective & preventive maintenance is carried out as per SOW/ SLA
  • In case of any findings around defects in the fiber or its associated equipment is taken care of after consulting with the customer at the site
  • Optical equipment & repeater stations that are pre-installed for alarms are thoroughly monitored
  • Breakdown fiber rollout maintenance is carried 24*7 & includes mobilization of equipment along with skilled manpower for identification and rectification of the fault
  • Test link attributes like link loss/splice loss after the fault rectification are corrected
  • Deployment of fiber rollout teams to carry out splicing and termination of optical fiber cable