Renewable Energy

Under the renewable energy services, we offer a complete portfolio of solutions which includes individual roof-top solutions & large MW-scale utility plants. We serve retail, industrial & commercial customers. Some of our innovative offerings include telecom tower solarisation, micro-grids and the proprietary DG-PV hybrid solutions that reduce Genset diesel consumption by up to 40%.

Solar Systems

At Rextar, we assess your energy requirement, identify system components needed and integrate the whole components to generate the optimum output. With the installation of solar panels, you are able to generate more electricity! So, do not worry if there is a power cut off at your production, you can continue on track. Investment in state of the art Rextar solar systems makes your deal very profitable with long term returns as their techniques cut down your big electricity bills. Bigger opportunities are coming up with higher profits!

Energy Efficient Products

Appliances can account for up to 30% of your home energy use. As our reliance on appliances increases and energy prices are also on the rise, choosing energy-efficient appliances becomes more important. The national standards for energy efficiency are improving the environmental performance of appliances all the time, so upgrading to a more efficient appliance can save you energy and money. We provide the best products that provide long lasting services.